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100% Silk Book of Hours Scarf

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100% Silk Book of Hours Scarf

100% Silk Bohun Book of Hours Scarf

The beautiful patterns on this scarf present the illuminations that bordered scriptural references in a Book of Hours belonging to Elizabeth de Bohun in the mid-1300's. 

What is a Book of Hours? 

Books of Hours were popular medieval Christian devotional works that included selections from the Bible, often from the Gospels and psalms, and included prayers to be read at various hours of the day. Elizabeth de Bohun (née de Badlesmere), Countess of Northampton (1313–1356), a powerful and connected woman in England, commissioned this luxurious, illuminated, and expensive manuscript. The book of Psalms was added to the manuscript around 1340.

Fabric and Origin

The Bohun Book of Hours Scarf is made of 100% silk and was created in Italy.  Made for both men and women it can worn as a head or wrap scarf. 

Size and Weight

This scarf measures 36" x 36" and weighs just 0.53 lbs.

Cleaning & Care

This 100% silk scarf is dry clean only.

Fast Delivery

The Bohun Book of Hours Scarf will be delivered within 5 to 7 business days.   If you’d like it to arrive faster, look for the rush shipping option during checkout.

Our Guarantee

You may return the Bohun Book of Hours Scarf to us within 30 days and we’ll refund the amount you paid (less shipping costs).  Your 100% satisfaction is extremely important to us.

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