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The Ten Commandments Scroll (4Q41 PL. 981)

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The Ten Commandments Scroll (4Q41 PL. 981)

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The Ten Commandments Scroll (4Q41 PL. 981)

Thirty portions of copies of the book of Deuteronomy were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. This particular scroll, 4Q41, is unique in that there is evidence of it being used as a liturgical document. More importantly, however, the scroll preserves the entire Ten Commandments in the form that has been handed down to us this day. This photographic reproduction is Deuteronomy 5, which encompasses the Ten Commandments. The original scroll dates to the latter half of the first century AD.

How Is The Scroll Presented?

Encased in an exquisite, acrylic frame, this scroll can be mounted on a wall or left free-standing on one's desktop.  A Certificate of Authorization is included. 

Size and Weight

This scroll reproduction measures 18.50" in width, 6.25" in height, and has a depth of 0.75". It weighs 1.36 pounds. 

How Soon Will I Receive The Scroll?

You can expect your Ten Commandments Scroll to arrive in 5 to 7 business days. If you need it sooner, Rush Shipping is available at checkout.

Our Guarantee

You may return this scroll to us within 30 days, and we’ll refund the amount you paid (less shipping costs).

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