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Gutenberg Press Figurine

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Gutenberg Press Figurine | Museum of the Bible

Gutenberg Press Figurine

This intricately designed figurine is modeled after the Gutenberg Press. There are no surviving sketches or models of the Gutenberg Press, but most scholars believe it was modeled after a wine or olive press, like the replica in Museum of the Bible.

Before the Gutenberg press, Europeans copied books by hand. This meant that books, especially Bibles, were rare and expensive. In the mid-1400s, Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized the world with his innovations in metal movable type, better inks and a modified printing press, enabling faster, more affordable and accurate printing. His first major printing project was the Latin Bible. Gutenberg's invention made the Bible more accessible and affordable.

On The Impact of the Bible Floor at Museum of the Bible, a full-scale replica of the Gutenberg press gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about this remarkable invention that changed the world.

Size & Weight

This figurine measures 6.5" L x 4.5" W x 2.75" D and weighs 1.06 lbs. It is made out of resin.


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